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Be Natural


100% Natural (as are all our products!). Be Natural is an unscented nourishing massage wax, for those clients and therapists who prefer a plain, simple neutral smelling product.

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Be Natural does not contain essential oils; its simple list of ingredients is the base of our scented massage range. It can also act as a base to which your own blends can be added.

It is popular with clients who suffer with eczema and other dry skin conditions including our 4 year old when his skin flares up!

Most of our Massage wax range contains Peach Kernel Oil which provides a creamy texture to our wax and is recommended for sensitive or dry skin. If however you are looking for a product which is Nut free, try our Be Sensitive range of products.

INGREDIENTS: Olea Europaea (Cold pressed Olive Oil), Prunus Persica (Peach Kernel Oil), Cera Alba (Highland Beeswax), Tocopherol (Vitamin E Oil)

Product picture by Amanda Kinghorn Photography